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A Past or Present Employer May Not Have Paid All The Wages You Were Due When You Worked For Tips.

       mployees, that work for tips are very often not paid what they are entitled. While tips may be used to figure out if an employee is making at least minimum wage, in New York an employer may not consider tips as part of wages unless proper written notice is given to tipped employees. Even then, the total hourly wage received by a tipped employee must still equal minimum wage. If it does not, employers must make up the difference. Also, if a past or present employer makes you do work for which you do not receive tips, you may entitled to be paid minimum wage without the employer using tips in the calculation for that work. If you were underpaid you may be entitled to back pay, liquidated damages and attorney fees.


The wage rules apply to both your   past   and   current  employers.


And the rules apply even if your employment was terminated, if you resigned, if you were paid



“off the books”, or if you were an undocumented worker.


PLEASE:  Do not assume or jump to the conclusion that you are not owed any wages.  This is a legal decision that must be determined by a labor and employment lawyer.  This is why we offer a free, confidential consultation.  In many cases, employees do not know that they are being paid less than they are owed.  You might be surprised to discover that a past or current employer owes you significant wages and damages, for not paying you what you were owed.  In addition, the law says your employer cannot retaliate against you for asserting your right to wages that you should have been paid.


If this situation sounds like an experience you have had with a past or present employer then we can help you.  Either call us toll free at: 1•844•wage4me (1•844•924•3463) or contact us here for a free consultation..

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